Sake Barware Edo Kiriko "Fish scales"

NO. - JPS66-2851

Sake Barware  Edo Kiriko  "Fish scales"

Enjoy your Sake with this Sake Barware. The Carafe and the Sake saucers are decorated with simple but detail followed Edo Kiriko. Drinking Sake together will help emotional bond. Pour the Sake gently at comfortable pace each other, where you can enjoy more blissful moment than while being alone. This product will come with "Omotenashi (Hospitality) cloth" which can be used as a coaster or to wipe off water droplet on the glass with our thoughts to wish your familiarization of Crystal Glass.

66,000 yen(including tax)

  • Wood box

It may take a few months to manufacture and ship this item, if it is out of stock.As each item is handmade, they may be slightly different in size, shape or shade of color.

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